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The Association (movie)

"The Association" (development teaser, 7 minutes long)


"The Association" (development trailer, 2 minutes long)


A development trailer for "The Association" by Andrew Wahlquist.

"About:  The Association is an upcoming feature film about an innocent
family who rebels against the strict rules of their obsessive
Homeowners Association.  What follows is an epic battle that turns
their American dream into a suburban nightmare."

"Produced in 2006 as a low-budget taste of the style and story of The
Association, director Andrew Wahlquist led a small crew and volunteer
cast staring Michael Hitchcock (Best in Show, A Mighty Wind) to create
10 scenes from the script as a showcase teaser for the packaging and
development of the feature."

According to Mr. Wahlquist in a personal e-mail to me:

If you find a group of rich dentists that want to put 300-500K into a
movie that I think would really sell across the country, that's about
all I'd need to make it happen.  The script was a quarter-finalist in
the Nicholl fellowship, which is a notoriously difficult and
prestigious screenplay contest.

Otherwise, I'm with you about Right to Own, it's pretty insane the
stories that people have told me that actually have happened because
of their HOA.  That would be a depressing drama, rather than a comedic
satire though.

Andy Wahlquist's project is not related to other movies with the same title:

The Association (2008) "Mock reality-show following the political struggles of a Homeowners Association"
The Association (2011) "The residence of Harker Heights suspect something is not quite right with their homeowners association."

Other references to HOAs in pop-culture:

The Colony (1995)
The X-Files episode "Arcadia" (1999)
Over the Hedge (2006)
The Neighborhood Watch Association (N.W.A.) in Hot Fuzz (2007)
Dilbert (May 12, 2006)

Disclaimer:  I am not involved with this film project in any way. 
The political viewpoints expressed here on www.RightToOwn.org
-- especially what I view to be the frustrating hypocrisy and/or obliviousness of conservatives and libertarians regarding the rights of individual American home owners  --
may not necessarily reflect those of the producers of The Association.