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Ron Paul

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“Union power, gained by legislation, even without physical violence, is still violence."
- Ron Paul, quoted in The Fiscal Times ( December 26, 2011 )

“H.O.A. power, gained by legislation, even without physical violence, is still violence."
-Ron Paul, in some alternate universe

If proponents of free-markets and capitalism (who often conflate the two as though they were the same thing) are smart, they would be distancing themselves from homeowners associations, painting H.O.A. corporations as the failures of the collective ownership of private property that they are.

Because if H.O.A.s are the result of free-markets and capitalism -- as their supporters claim -- then something is seriously wrong with a socio-economic theory that results in a form of private corporate government where "Two-thirds of people who live in the jurisdiction of a homeowners association are 'annoyed' by them, or worse, and 19% have been in what they call a 'war' with their HOA."
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Telling people who are being abused that they agreed to be abused will only work for so long before they start looking for their rights elsewhere.

Ron Paul

The following is not Ron Paul's position on homeowners associations (H.O.A.s).
I have contacted his campaign, asking what his position is.  "Because Rep. Paul's (Republican -Texas) district is near the center of Senator John Carona's (Republican - Dallas) house-stealing business empire, he should be aware of this issue that directly affects 60 million Americans -- 4 times as many as are forced to join labor unions."   I don't expect an answer.

But given Ron Paul's position on labor unions at  
his position should be this:



Freedom of association is one of the foundations of a free society.  The Founders clearly understood this, which is why they sought to protect this God-given right in the First Amendment.

While Ron Paul supports the right of every American to join a homeowners association if they wish, he believes, like most Americans, that forcing homeowners to pay HOA dues just to get or keep a home is wrong.

Unfortunately, beginning about 30 years ago, the right to decide freely whether or not to join a HOA was taken away from American homeowners by developers, municipalities, and states all over the country.  *



As a result, community association bosses rake in $50 billion every year from homeowners who are forced to pay dues to a HOA just to provide a home for themselves and their families.

Then, to add insult to injury, the HOA industry uses this forced-dues money to litigate and lobby against the interests of individual American homeowners!



That’s why Ron Paul has been a strong supporter of the National Right To Own Your Own Home Act in Congress.

Passage of a National Right To Own Your Own Home law would end forced HOA dues by repealing compulsory-dues provisions in various state laws, deed restrictions, and construction permits.

In addition to his support for a National Right To Own Your Own Home law, he also voted to defeat laws which allow community association bosses to intimidate homeowners into signing themselves over to HOA control using fraudulent “elections” and incomprehensible adhesion “contracts”.

As President, he will continue to lead the fight to free Americans from the shackles of compulsory HOA membership by working to pass a National Right To Own Your Own Home law.


15 million Americans are members of labor unions. 

60 million Americans belong to what the HOA-lobby calls “community associations”.

To learn more visit    www.RightToOwn.org

*  Professor Evan McKenzie has observed that

Many cities require that all new construction must be in CIDs.  They do this in several ways, but the most common takes advantage of PUD zoning. Cities have planned unit development zones where housing is exempt from setback and other density requirements.  Developers want access to PUD zones to obtain higher density and thus higher profits. So, the City requires all development in PUD zones to have certain features (open spaces, landscape vegetation, perimeter walls). They, the City requires that there must be an entity  to maintain features in perpetuity. HOAs are the recommended option.
Result: the City in effect mandates HOAs in all new construction within PUD zone.

Local governments are still able to collect property taxes from homeowners for goods and services that they don't have to provide (e.g. road maintenance, trash removal, recreational facilities, etc.).  In addition to property taxes, homeowners are also required to pay assessments (a.k.a. H.O.A. dues) for goods and services from their "community association" for (in theory) these goods and services. 

In effect, homeowners are double-taxed when some of the functions of local government are turned over to private corporations.

I haven't read his new book, Beyond Privatopia, yet, but I believe the book addresses the issue of municipalities requiring H.O.A.s as a condition of granting development permits.

Steven Siegal has written extensively about this in his article  "The Public Role in Establishing Private Residential Communities: Towards a New Formulation of Local Government Land Use Policies that Eliminates the Legal Requirements to Privatize New Communities in the United States" that was published in the Fall 2006 edition of The Urban Lawyer.

You can listen to an interview with Mr. Siegal at OnTheCommons.net ( April 28, 2007 ).

"The Public Role in Establishing Private Residential Comunities" is available at 

A table of contents, which was not published with the original article, is available separately at

The explosive growth of H.O.A.s has been supply driven by developers and governments, not demand driven by consumers wanting to make their homes forever collateral to debts and liabilities created by an unaccountable corporate board of directors.

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