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Myths and Misconceptions

web site notice:  this section will be undergoing major revisions as I get around to adding content.  July 26, 2011.

As the name implies, homeowners associations are simply an association of homeowners who have come together to create a communisty community.

And if you believe that, then you also believe that the German Democratic Republic was a democratic republic, and the official Party line that the Berlin Wall was built to keep people out of East Germany's socialist paradise.

Like Communism, a lot has been written about H.O.A.s that sounds nice in theory but is simply wrong when applied in the real world.  Since both are systems dedicated to the collective ownership of property, this is not surprising.

Until I get around to posting more material debunking the common myths and misconceptions surrounding H.O.A.s, this video from the Urban Institute (June 30, 2011) is a good place to start.

Urban Institute.   June 30, 2011

 The speakers are Robert Nelson, author of "The Private Neighborhood" (2004),  "Privatizing the Neighborhood" (1999) and Private Neighborhoods And The Transformation Of Local Government (2005), and Evan McKenzie, a former HOA lawyer and author of Privatopia (1996), Beyond Privatopia (2011), and the "Privatopia Papers" blog.

editors note:  For some reason, the embedded video is not displaying properly.  Until I get that fixed, you can watch it at www.ustream.tv/recorded/15712398